Focus Rehabilitation

Cost of Future Care Assessments / Life Care Planning

A Cost of Future Care Analysis is a comprehensive report identifying reasonable costs related to injuries required to enable an individual to attain his/her pre-morbid level of functioning and quality of life following an accident.  The report is prepared in anticipation of providing expert witness testimony.

Components of a Cost of Future Care Analysis:

  • Review of medical reports to determine diagnosis, prognosis and recommendations for further treatments. This provides a basis for assumptions used to draw conclusions and recommendations.
  • An extensive Interview to obtain information regarding subjective complaints and level of functioning prior to injury.  This includes consultation with health professionals, family members, and other services involved.
  • Functional testing may be included to provide an objective measure of the client’s functional abilities and limitations.
  • A home assessment to evaluate the individual’s performance in daily activities within his/her environment.

Benefits of a Cost of Future Care Analysis?

Provides an independent, unbiased report detailing accurate and reasonable costs related to the injury from which an economist can project future costs of care. Assists the judge and/or jury in understanding the extent of injury and how it impacts on the individual’s daily life. Identifies future care cost to ensure adequate funding is available to sustain or restore the individual’s level of functioning at home and at work and to maintain the quality of life attained prior to the accident.