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We strive to promote independence in your home and community.

There are times when every day living may be interrupted by injury, acute or chronic pain, illness, decline in emotional or cognitive health or simply the effects of aging. Occupational Therapy services may be valuable at any time during your recovery or life span to help you resume the daily activities that matter to you. At Focus Rehabilitation and Consulting Inc., we help people of all ages achieve their full potential in the occupation of day-to-day living in terms of self-care, work/productivity, study or leisure. We work with you, family and / or caregivers to develop step-by-step strategies, providing education and support where and when it is needed. We are skilled at working with individuals with a broad range of illnesses and injuries including orthopaedic, soft tissue injury, acquired or traumatic brain injury and psychiatric diagnoses.
In order to provide the most effective treatment, we use an integrated and holistic approach to service delivery. We work in close collaboration with a multidisciplinary network of clinicians and business partners including physiotherapists, kinesiologists, psychologists/clinical counsellors, nurses and home support workers to deliver comprehensive care, personalized programs and, above all, better health outcomes. Our treatment programs can be covered by healthcare plans, workers' compensation plans, automobile and other insurance plans and are delivered in a wide range of environments and situations, from homes to schools and clinics. Find out how our Occupational Therapists and professional staff can help you develop the day-to-day skills you need to remain or return to being an active participant in your own life.

Community Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy intervention empowers our clients to return to their activities of daily living and function within their home and communities in the most cost effective way. The Occupational Therapist’s role is to conduct a thorough functional assessment, prescribe equipment, identify environmental barriers and implement recommended modification(s), coordinate home support services and facilitate return to activities of daily living consistent with medical status in a safe and timely manner. Our treatment approach and community rehabilitation program considers each individual’s medical status and unique situation.

  • Injury Recovery Management
  • Functional Mental Health Assessments
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Services

Occupational Rehabilitation

At Focus Rehabilitation and Consulting Inc. we understand the importance of ‘occupation’ and the value of productivity. We identify the critical job duties and tasks in consultation with the client and / or employer through interview or job site visit. We are skilled at evaluating the physical, cognitive, and emotional demands of jobs and potential barriers to return to work with associated solutions. Return to work is achieved through ergonomic solutions, education, job task modification, and / or graduated return to work plan. The goal of Occupational Therapy intervention is to ensure a safe and durable return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

We are trained under the Matheson & Associates Work Capacity Evaluation system and utilize the practice hierarchy of safety, reliability, validity, practicality and utility. Peer reviewed research protocols, standardized and non-standardized assessment tools and clinical knowledge guide each evaluation. We not only evaluate the impact of physical but also cognitive and emotional limitations on an individual’s functional capacity. Our evaluation results and conclusions effectively support return to work, vocational planning and case resolution.

Disability Management Program

Services are provided to reduce the incidence and cost of work-related injuries, to facilitate successful and timely return to work programs, and to increase employee awareness on injury prevention. The areas of potential high risk of injury are identified and strategies for injury prevention are outlined. Services may include: ergonomic and job site assessments, post employment screening, job site modifications, return to work programs and education on stretching, back education and lifting techniques, stress management techniques and ergonomic principles.

Medical Legal Consultation

We have over 20 years of medical legal experience in the community. Our Occupational Therapists who conduct medical legal assessments have been accepted as expert witnesses and are able to provide court testimony. Other services include file reviews, rebuttal reports and assistance with trial preparation.

Brain Injury Program

The goal is to assist the client to optimize his or her functional ability, promote independence, facilitate community integration, and return to work or productive activities. One-to-one training may be provided by a Rehabilitation Assistant or by a Job Coach.

Home Safety Assessments

A home safety assessment is conducted in the client’s home, often following an injury, illness or deterioration in his/her health. This may also include seating/wheelchair assessments, power mobility assessments, and home accessibility assessments. Recommendations may include adaptive or medical equipment, home modifications, home support services, or other treatments to improve independence and safety.

Community Based Mental Health

Elder Care Programs

  • Home Safety Assessments
  • Environmental Modification Assessments
  • Assistive Technology Assessments
  • Supported Community Rehabilitation
  • Maintenance Programs